June 30, 2017: Flashback #15…Hope In Gun Metal Gray

Two days ago, I wrote that my records from 2016 become scarce. I told the story of how Matt ended up in the standard of care treatment arm of a clinical trial for unmethylated patients. I called that story part one of wrapping up 2016. Part two of the story from 2016 finished about two … Continue reading June 30, 2017: Flashback #15…Hope In Gun Metal Gray

June 29, 2017: Forever Home

One year ago today, the pool timer broke, the air condition fizzled out, and our living room furniture was delivered. That seems like a small thing at first. That the furniture was delivered a year ago today is insignificant at best. That homeownership proved once again to be a bad investment is undoubtedly irrelevant to … Continue reading June 29, 2017: Forever Home